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Ready for the Competition?

Choose at least one of the challenges listed below. Solve it and send it to me. If you win, you'll be listed in our Hall Of Fame. Sorry, no monetary prices yet, but who knows in the future!

Your solution must run in the online Rockerfer Basic interpreter.

There are three ways to win:

  • You'll win if you submit your working solution first.
  • You'll win if your solution is the shortest one.
  • You'll win if your program is the most original.

In order to participate, you must have an account (opening one is quick and easy) and save your solution online. Once you have your solution, share it (with our sharing tool) and send the shared link to before the deadline.

The Current Competition

Category 1 (Basic): Warming up with some Geometry

Write a program that calculates the intersection point between two lines on a plane with cartesian coordinates.

Category (Intermediate): Guess game

Write a guess-the-number game. The number must be between 1 and 100, and the program must give away clues, such as "cold", "warm", "smoking" and "hot".

Category 3 (Advanced): Say the number

Write a program in which an integer number between -1000 and 1000 can be entered. The program must then print that same number, but in words. For example, if you introduce "-512", it must print "minus five hundred and two".

The deadline is August 23rd at 12:00pm (-4:00 GMT, EST). Good luck!

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