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Frequently asked questions

So what is all this about?

I always wanted to create my own Basic interpreter. During developement, I thought an online version could be useful to programming students, so they don't have to download or install anything. Just use it.

Why is it so limited?

True: it has no user-defined functions, pointers nor it's object oriented. Since the language was conceived with the absolute beginners in mind, keeping it simple was the preferred way. When the student is ready for more complex concepts, he/she will surely be ready for a real programming language.

Isn't this project kind of pointless? It's too basic.

Being too basic is exactly the point. That way the beginner grasps the basic concepts very quickly.

What is saving programs online good for?

For many things: you don't need to worry for saving the programs in a disk or usb pen drive, and you'll be able to access them from any Internet access point. It's also a convenient way to share the programs with your friends, send it to teachers (if you are a teacher, you can share proyects with your students), and with your account you can also participate in our competitions.

Are you planning an "offline" version?

I'm working on an offline version right now (and free). It will emulate the online behavior, but it won't need any Internet access whatsoever. Please check this site in a few weeks.

What programming language did you use to build the tool? Is the source code available?

The core interpreter was originally written in Visual Basic (I know, I know!!), and later I decided to rewrite it in C for speed and portability purposes. The web interface is in Perl.

There is no immediate plan to release the source code. I love coding in C, but I'm not exactly a genius in style or structure, so even though I coded with a strong focus in security (to avoid buffer overflow pitfalls), some approaches are kind of "hacky" and might need some cleanup before going public, if ever.

I have a question, but it's not listed here.

Contact me at my e-mail address shown below. I try to reply all the messages, but due to the high volume, it might take me some time, so please bear with me.

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